Hi! I am a French Product Designer currently based in Toronto. I am currently leading design @ ContactMonkey.

I consider myself a generalist designer, experienced in product strategy and front-end development. I thrive in startups, scaleups and more generally small and fast paced environments. I’ve been one of a team and a team of one. I’ve designed products, systems, and processes. I’ve led design teams and I mentor at Designlab and MyJobGlasses.

What I'm looking for

Impact, purpose, and working with a diverse team of talented people on a shared vision.

My approach

I love building products: it is a field so complex and rewarding. After the Who, everything boils down to Why, What and How we build - Strategy, Design and Code. I like to see the bigger picture, and I like to dive way down to design tokens and technical details.

  • I believe in building a little at a time, and building well.
  • I believe in building applications with empathy and data in equal measure.
  • I believe that UX writing is the most underrated design tool. Good copy is concise, dependable, contextual and inclusive. It is welcoming, informative, and an amazing opportunity to engage in dialogue with users.
  • I believe in collaboration. As a team leader or individual contributor, I strive to include everyone relevant early and communicate intent, expectations and feedback well.
  • I believe in leading by example. Managing to me is closely tied to mentoring and inspiring. It’s about taking initiative, ownership and empower my colleagues. It’s also about being transparent and accountable when things don’t go as planned.
  • Lastly I believe in imperfections. That products are made by humans for humans, and that it's important to not dehumanize technology. We should strive to keep interacting with products fun, and to keep their makers in the spotlight.

My process

All things being equal, I like to follow the tenets of the good old double diamond, a process broad enough to consistently be useful. But because all problems are unique, I consider UX artifacts more like a toolset: it’s all about using the right tool at the right time.

My values

  • Passion. I absolutely love what I do. I take great pride in producing quality work and knowing that I am learning something new along the way. I will relentlessly advocate for a design that I believe is best for users (and yes, back it up with data where possible).
  • Curiosity. I love understanding the how and the why of the world that surrounds me. Learning something new brings me joy and the confidence that I know at least a little more than the day before.
  • Straightforwardness. I value honesty and real talk. Pretty straightforward.
  • Kindness. Above all else, be kind to others and assume best intent.

Even more about me

Really? Ok, here are some of my interests:

  • All things design. Typography, graphic design, games design, industrial design. I love them all. In that order.
  • Technology. I love to stay informed on current topics such as AI, blockchain applications, consumer trends and privacy.
  • 3D modeling. Getting back into Blender after a few years hiatus.
  • History
  • Sci-fi literature
  • Physics and astrology
  • Video games
  • Mountain biking


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