Should designers know how to code?

Jun. 2022 · front-end · 2 min

File fatigue

When spending too long on a project or a design, I’ve felt tired, less creative, less motivated. develop

When a routine, rigid systems or processes prevent us from thinking

The solution

Designers by nature need novelty. Our industry is full of trends, and we are a curious bunch, always looking for the next thing, or the best way.

We need to kindle our creativity and inventiveness to keep design playful and push boundaries. And since design is a collaborative effort, I’ve had success in the past by switching projects with teammates, be it for a couple hours only. Done with regularity, we learned from each other’s ways, and after swapping projects, we also saw the quality of our design reviews sessions increase.

What about skill gaps?

Of course, not all projects or designs can be swapped. You have to take into consideration the experience of your team members as well as their strengths and weaknesses.

But even if there is an experience or skill gap, I believe that it’s an experience where both parties can learn something. A junior designer will be glad to be working on more complex tasks, and it can keep a more senior designer in touch with the craft, or at least a well deserved break.

Go ahead, have fun and switch seats!

Colin Olphand